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We Are Your Strategic General Contractor

A hotel business is a complex, living and dynamic structure. We often observe that specialists do their work professionally but that “friction losses” and inefficiencies occur at the interface with the next specialist. That takes away “horsepower” and impedes the company progress. This phenomenon is particularly strong in times of change. In the complex network of entrepreneurial family, consultants, advertising agency, architects and suppliers, the hotel owner often lacks a right-hand coordinator. What has long been established in the field of construction is still a novelty in strategic hotel development – the general contractor. Hotel owners usually serve as their own “strategic general contractors” and work relentlessly, trying to coordinate the individual interests of suppliers, architects, strategists, and advertising, PR- and IT consultants. All these parties want to bring in and sell “their” ideas, while nobody keeps an eye on the big picture.

This is where we would like to be at your side as a safeguard: a safeguard for professional development and uncompromising implementation of your strategy. We would like to ensure that all parts of your concept are implemented and that task assignment is in line with what actually needs to be done to achieve your goals. Just like a general contractor, this approach will usually save you more than it costs.

We serve as your strategic partner standing by your side.

Strategy Development

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Strategy Implementation

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