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How We Go about Things

Our clients often ask us what the current trends are, which specialization we recommend, whether it makes sense to offer certain new services, and what investments are feasible. To assist them with these business strategy questions, we need to familiarize ourselves with the company, the people, the entrepreneurial family, the management team, the location as well as their financial profile.

That’s why we create entire concepts for your company. Based on the concept we can then focus on detailed areas of the business. First, we compile a sound analysis of the status quo (business, location and competitors), identify your various opportunities (potential analysis), devise realistic development concepts (e.g. infrastructure concepts or functional concepts), and provide comprehensive feasibility studies (including cost structure, predicted turnover, capacity utilization scenarios, staffing requirements, etc.)

We develop your company’s future market position. We carefully determine your unique selling proposition and precisely define your target group portfolio. Step by step we guide you through the entire development process for your offer range and program. We assist you with your branding, with setting up distribution channels and with optimizing all marketing measures, in particular the online ones.

Finally, we will be there to advise you on any issues regarding human resource development as well as continuous quality management in your hotel.

In summary, we begin by ascertaining your company’s current state. Then we show you what would be feasible and affordable before we determine together what works best for you.

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