/ How we work

Work Teams

No task is equivalent to another. Every hotel is unique. That’s why we always start from scratch with a blank slate that will gradually have to be filled. For every client project we put together a special, highly qualified work team customized with the task at hand.

Monitoring Trends & Markets

Permanent monitoring of the relevant media, international networks with experts from various fields and extensive travels allow us to identify changes and developments in society, business and in our own sectors – health and tourism. We basically function as a seismograph of society. It is our passion to anticipate and remain on top of things. This is how we manage to take that critical step ahead in what we do for our company and for our clients.

Our Consulting Approach

We are always willing to go that “extra mile” for our clients: digging deeper, rethinking and starting all over as needed. We may often disturb, bring in uncomfortable elements and force our clients to leave their comfort zones. After all, that’s where progress and success are to be found… off the beaten track. And that’s why we are not for everyone. Our consulting style is based on three elementary values: honesty, professionalism and creativity. Only if all three values are in tune with our client’s values, can our work attain its full potential. As passionate perfectionists, any kind of half-hearted collaboration is out of the question for us. Dr. Linser is personally involved in every client project.

Creative Solutions

We take our clients so seriously that we do not rummage through old files when looking for new and creative solutions. Instead, we find an inspirational, natural environment with a high energy level where we seek new ideas and give the project proper time and attention. The profound interaction of creative energy combined with the facts gives rise to something truly new, something novel and unique.

We Love what We Do

We challenge our clients to offer a more appealing range of services with fresh ideas, turning their guests’ stay into a healthier, fulfilling and more creative experience. We believe in functionality and professional planning. What’s more, we believe in offering a coherent and harmonious range of services and in creating an unprecedented fulfilling atmosphere.

Our ultimate comfort zone is to be found at hotels focusing on wellbeing – spa and health resorts. There our passion for service quality and hospitality meets our internationally renowned health experience. This is when we are at our best because our enthusiasm and our expertise let us rise to new heights of performance. Our reputation as masterminds and pioneers in the field, as innovators and quality zealots may be attributed to this combination. Honestly, this is something we promote and are proud of.

We Dig Deeper

Based on the individual requirements, we always have several experts scrutinize and examine our projects – economists, designers, psychologists, marketing specialists, sales experts, medical scientists and sports scientists. We promote this fresh, cheerful and unbiased mindset. And we enjoy digging deeper and thinking wider. This is where the original and precious are to be found: at the edge and beyond our comfort zones. That’s where we will guide you to discover the new and to unearth fresh opportunities.

We Embrace what’s New, Creative and Original

Our concepts do not constitute mere consulting papers with tables and numbers. They are descriptions of real experiences and worlds for the guests of tomorrow. Our concepts are presented in an emotional way for your guests but designed, planned and calculated professionally for you, the client.

International Experience and Success

Embedded in an international network and on amicable terms with leaders in the hospitality industry, we work on many exciting projects in various countries such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Croatia, and the Baltic region. We have had the honor to speak at events all over the world. We are grateful for that as this exchange of experience provides us with new impetus and ideas for our future work.