/ Why Hospitality?

It started with sports and preventive medicine and with the goal to help people improve their health and quality of life. The ideal place to do so is a hotel, not a fitness club or a spa. The entire experience is best cast from the same mold. That’s how a perfect world of relaxation and recreation can be created, which is exactly what today’s sophisticated guests seek. The whole package must be coherent to be successful in the marketplace.

We believe that guests will only feel truly satisfied if the “I” is transformed into a “WE”. In the end it’s all about relationships that foster friendship and turn guests’ time at a hotel into an unforgettable experience. We love the subtle and skillful interplay between serving and being served, pampering and being pampered, between giving and taking. That’s why the world of hospitality is our world: a world in which people meet and inspire each other.