Linser ™ Hospitality is an international consulting firm based in Innsbruck, Austria, specializing in the hotel, spa and health industries.

As your adept partner, we guarantee that your strategy will be designed professionally and implemented without compromise as we guide you through the entire development process. /

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Good health is the new luxury

  In the interview with “The economist & Intelligence Unit” Franz Linser talks about today’s luxury: Health. Further he is taking the aging population and their impact on the leisure industry…

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Hotelmarketing-Tag 2018 Schweiz Tourismus

Im Rahmen des Hotelmarketing-Tages 2018 im Hotel Bürgenstock, Luzern, Schweiz referierte Herr Dr. Franz Linser über das Thema “Zukunft Wellness. Profitieren von den internationalen Trends. Chancen für die Schweiz.”

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We develop strategies for health resorts, wellness hotels, business hotels, hotel cooperations, destinations and corporate clients.

Why hospitality?

It started with sports and preventive medicine and with the goal to help people improve their health and quality of life. The ideal place to do so is a hotel, not a fitness club or a spa. The entire experience is best cast from the same mold.

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Our principles

We take a close look at you: you – as a family of entrepreneurs, you – as a company. We analyze and design a program for and with you. We guide you through the entire process of development and change.

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